Trust... this is the one essential ingredient you must have before even considering doing business with a person or a company. This one simple but indispensable factor spells the difference between customer satisfaction - and buyer's regret.

At WaterSave we are committed to not only saving you money but we are committed to saving the planet.

WaterSave are based in Cork in Ireland and we have a larger operation in Walsall, United Kingdom to take care of all your water saving requirements in the UK and Worldwide.

We work every day to make sure the products you receive from us are the finest you can possibly use and yes, we're our own customers as well! The items we offer for sale, such as the WaterSave EHT10, are the exact same items we entrust for our family and children.

Every house and business in the United Kingdom is bound by water charges, WaterSave UK is committed to finding new and exciting ways to reduce the water wasted in the World and save money on water charges.

WaterSave is here to help you dramatically reduce the amount of water you use in your home and/or business - and for a very small investment.

Not only that, but in most instances our products will help you save on gas and electricity expenses as well. In today's financial rollercoaster of an economy, any savings are welcome savings.

We offer many different types of water and energy saving products for use in the home or the place of business,

An example; WaterSave products have reduced water consumption in local schools by 53% - and in select hotels, guest water usage has been reduced by an incredible 72%!

If you or your business use water, we have a product that will save you money... and always remember, when you choose WaterSave, you shop with confidence.