The Features:
· Split type infrared sensor faucet, induction running, turns off the water
· Infrared microprocessor using dual sealant protection, avoids intrusion from humid moisture.
· The main body of the faucet uses 59 brass gravity casting of international standard.
· Plating had been through Salt Spray Test for 24 hours to reach national standard.
· Maximum 30 second cut off to prevent waste.

The Major Parameter
· The faucet body material: solid brass with chrome finish
· Power supply: AC 220V or DC 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
· Battery life: 150,000 cycles
· Sensing range: 10cm to 25cm (adjustable) factory settings 20cm
· Working temperature: 1-60?
· Water pressure: 0.07Mpa-0.7Mpa
· Water interface: G1/2” external thread
· Installation aperture: haplopore (32mm)
· Response time: less than 0.7 seconds
· Water stop protection: 30 seconds
· Rated flow: when it under 0.3Mpa less than 3L/S
· Environment humidity: below 95%