Watersave are delighted to announce the all new INSTA-80™ Under Sink Water Heater Sensor Combi. The all in one water heater that comes with a sensor tap as standard. Sensor taps have generally been too expensive for people to be installing up until now.

If you need instant hot water in a washroom or in a kitchen the INSTA-80™ can now be fitted with its own as standard sensor tap at a fraction of the price of sensor taps that are presently on the market.

The INSTA-80™ Sensor Combi allows the installer to set the maximum temperature. In washroom situations this could be set at between 38°c and 43°c for recommended HSE washroom temperatures. This saves on installing expensive thermostatic mixing valves.

The sensor taps come with a built in solenoid valve and battery pack and use standard AA batteries to operate the sensor. All of our sensor taps are operated on motion instead of timers. This guarantees that when you remove your hands from the water flow the sensor immediately stops the water from flowing. This can save a business 1000’s of litres of water per year when compared to the sensor taps that are on timers and can still have water flowing from them after you leave the washroom.

Simple to operate the heater only works when you place your hands in the vicinity of the sensor and stops heating as soon as you remove your hands.

The sensor is operated with a PIR ( passive infra red ) system for safety.

Batteries will generally last for 100,000 uses and can be easily changed without a service call.