Product Description

Are you looking for purer water in your home? If so, one Irish company have found the solution for you. Rainwater Harvesting just got easier!

Flogenic™ is a new water treatment system ideal for purifying water used in households. Manufactured in Ireland you simply install the system in your holding tank to purify water from your rainwater harvesting system or group water scheme.

If you are worried about your energy bills, don’t be. The system is activated with the flow of water so no additional power source is required and water is only purified as it is used.

The float valve regulates water levels in the tank allowing the householder to have a constant supply of stored treated water for drinking and all other household water needs. In the event that you run out of rainwater then your normal mains fed water system will fill the tank to the desired level for your convenience. Flogenic™ is manufactured in Ireland by Medentech – manufacturers of the World’s number one Water Purification Tablet (Aquatabs®) – used in over 60 countries world-wide for over 25 years.

Benefits of Flogenic™

• Safer Water.

• Easy Installation.

• Treats up to 90k litres of water. • Costs only .72 cents per 1000 litres.

• NSF approved and USEPA registered.

• Approved for human drinking water in the USA.

• Pharmaceutical approved manufacturing site.

• Maintenance free, replace Flogenic™ when empty.

• No power supply needed.

• User friendly.

• Short payback period.

• ISO manufacturing standard.

• Complete kit available for start up.

• Controls Biofilm.

As you will see from the Graph below the need for potable water is 25% around the house. So even if you do not use Flogenic™ for your drinking water you can still save up to 25% that flows through your water meter.

Check out our fantastic new graphic video on exactly how Flogenic™ can treat all of your water needs.